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Francs team


The idea behind Francs (XFR) is to bring Francophones together via a cryptocurrency. Franc (XFR) is a cryptographic currency derived from Bitcoin (and precisely from Ethereum) a tool created in 2009 allowing the creation and decentralized exchange of money on the Internet. According to computer jargon, the currency is called 'peer to peer' (decentralized, from individual to individual, without a central regulator). It is to traditional money what the e-mail was to the postal letter. Sending money is as easy as sending an email!

Underlying Blockchain

We decided to build Francs (XFR) from the Ethereum blockchain. It is possible to get the new currency for free via Airdrop or by buying them with Ethereum (ETH) on EtherDelta exchange.

Francs (XFR) team

Fundamentals of Francs (XFR)


  • The revival of the local French currency, to pay a pizza or make a gift to a loved one.
  • A strong, efficient trading technology and an investment for the future.
  • A free and decentralized currency, which protects against the corruption of financial institutions.
  • The highlighting of the French language and particularism as recognized and appreciated throughout the world.

Why a free and jailbreaked money?

  • No transaction limits.
  • Transactions in less than a minute, everywhere.
  • Irreversible and anonymous payments.
  • No tax or commission. Only network sending fees exist, and they are relatively low.
  • No weekends or holidays, the internet network operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • No account risk or blocked transactions, overdraft or agios.
  • No obligation to reveal your identity to send or receive money.
  • A security protocol that surpasses banking standards.
  • A concrete alternative to the traditional banking system.
  • A free and freely accessible currency via Airdrops (coin donations).

Warning : any transaction is irreversible, and any lost wallet will result in the loss of funds.
For more security, create a security key (password) and make a backup of the wallet. It can be stored indefinitely on a computer, a USB stick or any other storage medium.


  • December 2018 : Conferences of consensus around the creation of the XFR token, Development of the cryptocurrency on the Ethereum platform.
  • December 2018 : Beginning of the token broadcast through Airdrops.
  • January 2019 : Implementation of XFR on several cryptocurrencies exchange platforms. First on EtherDelta, then on a bigger one.
  • Q1-Q2 2019 : Reaching CoinMarketCap.
  • Before 2020 : Our main ambition is that XFR reach at least 1EUR. We will manage to reach several Bitcoin exchanges, improve communication about XFR on presspapers, and broadcast adds.

Who are we?

We are the French nation that government do not hear, we are the detractors of an individualistic and capitalist economy. We created a currency regulated by the people, by giving the majority of the tokens for free, through airdrops. We are France.


Founder, CEO, Lead developer
Francs founder Pierre Bouvier

After a bachelor's degree in physics-chemistry and laboratory sciences, I pursued with the faculty of medicine in UCBL Lyon 1 for 2 years, then in biology for 1 year. After that I continued with 1 year of nursery in Aix-en-Provence nursing school, after having passed my entrance examination. In early 2017 I became more interested in blockchain and started a web development training. I founded my first cryptocurrency the same year, Ingeniciel, but I did not continue its development for lack of funding and communication. I learned from my mistakes and decided to found Francs, allowing me to bring French people around Bitcoin technology, blockchain and French culture.

I am currently living in Greece to train as an airline pilot. In terms of hobbies, I am passionate about electronic music, including the free party universe, which in my opinion dictates the precepts of a self-managed society without a central body, decentralized so. I am also keen on mountain and winter sports.


Co-Director, Telegram admin


Francs (XFR)



  • Currency name : Francs
  • Ticker : XFR
  • Type : Based on Ethereum blockchain (ERC20)
  • Circulating supply : 9 000 000
  • Reserved supply : 2 000 000
  • Total supply : 11 000 000
  • Decimals : 5
  • Ethereum contract : 0xc455267d50f0f76dc1e0b228bd9593701c91c856
  • Tokens reissuance : No
  • Issuance date : December 21st, 2018
  • Ethereum wallet of issuance : 0xd3d47348442cd6e1b3ca1481f26743a93c5ca537
  • Where to get XFR : Via Airdrop, then on exchange platforms
  • How to get XFR : With Ethers (ETH) on exchanges, or with 22 different cryptocurrencies during crowdsale.
  • Franc (XFR) value : presale price: 1 XFR = 0,0005 ETH

Quick start

Using the system do not differs a lot from a simple email box:

  • The wallet generates encrypted addresses from which you can send and receive Francs.
  • Each wallet contains a "receive" and "send" field, an address book and its balance.
  • When the wallet is encrypted, you will be asked for the security key for each outbound transaction.
  • The best password is a combination of 10 characters with numbers, upper and lower case.
  • To create a backup of your wallet, click on "save wallet": this will generate a file containing all your informations: Balance, address book and security key.
  • The loss of this file or the security key will make the associated funds inaccessible.


The blockchain is at the heart of the technology for sending and receiving money without intermediaries.

All operations in the order up to the first are entered in the blockchain. It is the memory of the system. A copy of the registry is shared with each network user. Nobody has the ability to rewrite or edit the channel's records. The protocol is unalterable and incorruptible by nature. Anyone can join the network simply by downloading the wallet and logging in.

Everyone can view the chain using the block explorer. The explorer is the tool allowing everyone to view the status of their transactions and the history and balance of any address in the network.


We have chosen to cancel them after the 5th one because we must list Francs (XFR) on big and popular exchanges, and it costs several thousand dollars. So, to finance this, we decided that it is better to sell a part of the total supply. However, we want that the ROI (Return of Investment) may be the best for everybody, this is why, despite of the very low total supply (11 millions XFR), the token price will remain low (0.0005 ETH/XFR during presale, and 0.001 ETH/XFR during main token sale).


The presale duration is 1 month, or below if the 1 million XFR allocated have been sold before 1 month. Presale phase will start on February 9th 2019, and limit date is March 30th 2019. All the Francs (XFR) sold will be sent to their owner either during or after each phase. No refunds will be made in case of purchase. Presale characteristics are as follow:

  • Starts: February 9th, 2019
  • Ends: March 30th, 2019 (or before if all XFR were sold)
  • Supply: 1 million XFR
  • Token price: 0.0005 ETH/XFR (1 ETH = 2,000 XFR)
  • Soft cap = 80 ETH (16% of presale supply)
  • Presale limit: 500 ETH
  • There is a minimum investment amount of 1 ETH during presale.
  • Each order below 1 ETH will be refunded to the buyer's address.
  • !! All unsold tokens will be burned !!



9,000,000 Francs (XFR) will be distributed during several Aidrops.
The remaining 2,000,000 XFR will be used to finance the implementation of cryptocurrency on trading platforms, as well as to pay for the work done to help Francs' development (translation and advertising).

Airdrop #1 in progress



In construction.
Soon available.




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